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JDI MLM Expands the Compensation Plan

Beginning August 1 2012 ~ New JDI Pay Play

The New JDIMLM JDI 7 Level Compensation Plan is also now in your Back Office. It is both Spanish and English. Please check them out.

THE JDI MARKETING PLAN (Véaseespañolas en el otrolado.)

First of all, health is wealth. Teaching people how to stay healthy is also a way to freedom and liberty.  You can't really experience freedom and liberty if you are always worried about where your next dollar is coming from or when it's coming in. We believe the best chance for the average person to achieve financial liberty is through JDI's Referral Marketing Path.

We originally started with a 4 Tier Affiliate Plan. Our Distributors simply wanted more potential, so we gave it to them! Any way you look at it, the plan is still simple and easy to understand. So check out the potential!

Here is how JDI’s NEW MLM Business Builder or 7 Tier Affiliate Plan will work when implemented with a target of August 1, 2012:

Purchase at least one product monthly (for resale or personal use). While there are other products to choose from as you will see on the Shopping Cart and Sign Up page, the lead selling product is JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support. It is a vitamin-mineral supplement that is designed to provide nutrients you need plus adult stem cell nutrition simultaneously. We don't know of any product quite like it as it is patented and patent pending. Over 50% of adults consume a daily vitamin & mineral formula. That is an existing market for those who wish to have the very best from JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support, as well as those other 50% who have not yet become aware they need this supplement.

When you refer others to JDI and they purchase products, we will pay you commissions on their purchases. Commissions are monthly and checks go out by the 5th of the following month. When those members you have referred have their own referrals, you will earn additional commissions on those purchases. This can continue through 7 levels.

Where else is there an up to a million dollar plus per month potential possible, with so little start up money and offering REAL products?

Just the first example alone would put a person in profit and you would have the only JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support FREE!

Even if one were only able to fill a: 2 x 4 or 4 x 4 or 6 x 4 or 8 x 4 or 10 x 4 Structure, the monthly compensations would be $60, $516, $1764, $4912, $10,860 per month respectively. None of that would be shabby. But it all pales in comparison to “reaching for the stars” as above.

All Calculations are only for illustrative purposes and are not meant to be guaranteed. You must actually do the numbers to receive the income. It all depends upon the amount of effort you want to put into your financial future. There's no infinite chain of recruiting. All commissions are generated from Product Sales. No gimmicks. It is just a simple, fair, and ethical pay plan allowing you to build your own business within a business.

Simply Expect Success. And Just Do It!

Exerpt from Dr.John Cappello weekly JDI Newsletter. Announcing all the latest news and Information from JDI International.